[OS X TeX] Upgrade to High Sierra

Bréard, Andrea andrea.breard at asia-europe.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Feb 1 11:49:33 EST 2018

Hi there,

I have upgraded my MaxBook Pro ( from 2013 that ran on Yosemite previously) to High Serra yesterday. It is running, (but even slower than before it seems).

When I want to compile with XeLaTeX under TexShop 3.97,  I get an error, saying:

xelatex: Command not found.?

Same problem when I want to compile single chapters of my book with bibTex, I get: Error: the program bibtex does not exist.

Do I need to reinstall everything?

Thanks for your insights,



Andrea Bréard
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On Jan 31, 2018, at 1:06 PM, Don Green Dragon <fergdc at Shaw.ca<mailto:fergdc at Shaw.ca>> wrote:

Based on your comments and Rob Rye's I went ahead and attempted to install High Sierra. An update window usually appears on my screen when I begin a session, but instead of showing the usual (for some time 'usual') icon for upgrading to High Sierra, the icon read "installed" and when I asked for <Apple/Software update...> the response was "no updates available". With <Apple/About this Mac> the response remains "version 10.9.5".

Stunned by the above, looked around in Applications and found, to my surprise, an app titled <Install macOS High Sierra>. Despite not recalling how the app got there, I opened it and clicked on Install. Nothing seemed to happen. Eventually a window appeared which announced that <macOS High Sierra> will be installed on "MacIntosh HD" which seemed okay, and finally a progress bar appeared, after a second or third tap on the "Install" icon. After three hours the progress bar was about 20% full. I knew the install would be slow because I have the slowest connection possible with my ISP.

However, it is now 40.5 hours later and the progress bar remains about 10% from full. Also, the progress bar 'appears' to NOT have advanced since yesterday at about 5:00 pm when I last checked.

Should I hit the "Cancel" button or just let the install proceed?

I'm wondering about Gary's  comment

"The App Store will not give you the option to install it if you aren't eligible."

but I've not received an explicit message saying that I'm not eligible!!!

I really can't tell you what is happening from where I sit. I would call Apple's support line at ?(800) 800-2775?.

Good luck!

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