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Vamos, Peter P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Thu Jun 14 06:09:09 EDT 2018

I have an old file, may even been started life az a TeXTures document.The file is mostly text in a language using lots of  diacritical characters (Hungarian). Because of this, I must have decided to forgo the TeX way of writing these characters and use \usepackage[applemac]{inputenc}. I extracted a minimal example, attached below. It was/is a one-off, worked at the time.

I now need to revise or at least use big chunks of this file. I opened it and it didn’t typeset. Then I realised that I set the Preferences in TeXShop to UTF-8 for source files. So I re-saved my old file in ISO Latin 1 and it worked (ISO Latin 9 is also OK). So far so good.

There is one strange thing with this old file: these accented characters don’t show up, not even a placeholder or a space. They don’t show up even if I try "Show Invisible Characters" in TeXShop. Where are they?  (In BBEdit -> Show Invisibles I do get  inverted question marks.)

Problems start with my new file with chunks of the old in it with the same preamble. UTF-8 doesn’t work, no surprise. So I save the source in ISO Latin 9. But then if I enter an accented character from my Mac keyboard, the character shows but the the file won’t typeset, see MinEx commented out line.

I did look briefly at the inputenc and fontenc manuals, alas there are no real examples there. Finally the nice File Encoding Guide by Schulz-Koch in TeXShop Help seemed to provide the solution. Here the table at the bottom of page 5 told me that I should save my file in Western (Mac OS Roman). Indeed now the newly entered word ’söt’ (see MinEx) typeset correctly but, alas, all the accented characters  from my old file were replaced by a ? placeholder. 

What is going on here? Can anyone please help/advise/explain? Thanks


PS Just to be on the safe side re.: email transfer, I also attach a zipped version of my minimal example.



\usepackage[english, magyar]{babel}

% \usepackage{lmodern}



\item[1957]  ``ellenforradalmi tevŽkenysŽg'' miatt; l‡sd munkahelyek al‡bb.
\item[1959--60] Budapest; ŽrettsŽgi: kitŸnš.
% söt

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