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Vamos, Peter P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Fri Jun 15 07:41:17 EDT 2018

Thanks to all who responded. Ross Moore wrote:

Before doing anything that may change the contents of a file, make sure that you take one or more copies, and only ever work on a copy.

Good advice. I still have the original old file, I worked on a copy.

I decided to try the suggestion from Giovanni Dore. I don’t have Alpha anymore so I used BBEdit. As I wrote in my original post I did open the file in BBEdit but not with Western (Mac OS Roman) encoding. Now, as Giovanni, I opened it in Western (Mac OS Roman) encoding. And hey presto, all my accented characters appeared just fine.

I then copied this text to my new file with the preamble (top line with a macro as suggested by Herb)

% !TEX encoding = MacOSRoman

\usepackage[magyar, english]{babel}


and everything worked. Well, almost. The characters \H{o} and \H{u} when entered from the keyboard (changed to Hungarian) show correctly in the source but did not typeset and resulted in a ?.

Any ideas anyone? Is this a font problem? I tried \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} and \usepackage{lmodern} to no avail.

There is of course the dirty method of find and replace …


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