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jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Sat Sep 15 08:41:23 EDT 2018

Le 15/09/2018 à 13:55, Herbert Schulz a écrit :
> PS: I never use \textit since you have to make sure to manually apply the italic correction when necessary. The \emph command does that automatically and nested \emph commands have reasonable behavior.

Hi Herb,

\textit does apply italic correction as this example shows





....\OT1/cmr/m/it/10 f
....\kern 2.11945
....\OT1/cmr/m/n/10 g
....\penalty 10000





(similarly for the others)


macro:#1#2->\DeclareRobustCommand #1[1]{\ifmmode \nfss at text {#2##1}\else \hmode at bgroup \text at command {##1}#2\check at icl ##1\check at icr \expandafter \egroup \fi }

has \check at icl, \check at icr related to italic correction at start and end

and at some point they will involve this, where I keep only code comments

\def \maybe at ic {\futurelet\@let at token\maybe at ic@}
\def \maybe at ic@ {%
We first check to see if the current font is positively sloped. (But do not forget
the message Rainer sent about an upright font with non-zero slope! Or is this an
urban myth?) It has been suggested that this should test against a small positive
value, but what?
... code lines ...



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