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Nitecki, Zbigniew H. Zbigniew.Nitecki at tufts.edu
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This is a system (OS10.14.6) question, rather than a TeX question per se.

I have been generating a set of TeXed homework assignments for a course (Math 135), trying to make it stand-alone so that others teaching the course could use my .tex files.  I habitually use a lot of macros, and have several extensive files of user-defined macros.  So far, I have been copying individual
macro definitions into the .tex file for each assignment, but this has proliferated, and I have finally decided to create a dedicated macro file for this purpose (to include whenever I distribute the .tex files for these assignments), called 135HWMacros.sty.  I created this by copying the list of \newcommands from the latest assignment into a new file in TeXShop.  When I tried to save it as 135HWMacros.sty, I was not allowed to (I was told to use 135HWMacros.sty.tex).  Now, I have a folder in Dropbox called Macros, with a subfolder called MyMacros, where I keep all of my older self-defined macro files.Things are configured so that when I compile a .tex file this folder (and subfolder) is searched first for macros.  When I saved my new file there as  135HWMacros.sty.tex, I would get an error saying “can’t find file 135HWMacros.sty.  Of course—in fact, the icon for that file was different from those of the other style files there.  So I renamed it 135HWMacros.sty (having saved it there earlier with the longer filename.)  But now I still get the same error message.  What should I do (or have done) differently?

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