[OS X TeX] TeXshop and LuaTeX

David Craig dac at panix.com
Mon Dec 23 05:59:04 EST 2019

I’m interested in trying tikz-feynman  <https://jpellis.me/projects/tikz-feynman/>, which requires LuaTeX, which truthfully, I know zippo about except that “any day now” it’s going to become the default LaTeX, replacing pdftex.  Which I’ve been reading for I don’t know how many years … I figured I’d worry about it whenever that actually got around to happening.

Anyway … my question is, how do I switch easily back and forth between LuaTeX and pdftex in TeXShop?  I have tried googling and peering at the help, and I’m afraid I don’t feel adequately enlightened.  Or frankly, enlightened on this subject in any way at all. 

Help … please?

David Craig


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