[OS X TeX] Tip on using Présentation

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 10:57:24 EST 2019


This is a user tip that may come handy someday, so I thought I'd share.
As those who use LaTeX to do presentations may know, there is a great tool for presenting called "Présentation", which, to begin with, does not suffer from the screen redraw problem, and also offers a presenter's screen, notes, and more.

Today, my daughter called in panic. She was about to start a presentation (part of her Masters' program), and no matter what she tried, the two screens were reversed (i.e., the presenter's screen was showing in the projector, and the full screen slides on her mac). Fortunately, we figured it out in the nick of time!

The solution was to make sure the "main screen" was the laptop's: in System Preferences->Displays->Arrangement, drag the little menu bar to the laptop screen representation.



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