[OS X TeX] Best iPad PDF viewer for math?

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
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Hi Gary,

On 22 Aug 2020, at 10:32 pm, Gray, Gary L <euler at psu.edu<mailto:euler at psu.edu>> wrote:

On Aug 21, 2020, at 7:39 PM, Ross Moore <ross.moore at mq.edu.au<mailto:ross.moore at mq.edu.au>> wrote:

Using an HDMI cable, I share the iPad screen, to be shown in a Zoom session run from my laptop.
Zoom can be run from the iPad itself, but the restriction to a single window/screen at a time makes that rather
clunky to control allowing students to join, and monitoring Chat contents, etc., at the same time as delivering
a lecture or tutorial class.

I learned just a couple of weeks ago that you can do this and it works *very* well. This can also be done wirelessly using AirPlay if both devices are on the same WiFi network.

My MacBook dates back to late 2014.
It does not do AirPlay natively.
Updates to the OS do *not* help.

However, there is a free App called "5K Player”. If you have this installed, then the HDMI cable works.
(I have a 2nd MacBook which is even older, and this trick does *not* work with it.
 When my 2014 MacBook was in for a replacement battery – which means the whole top of the case
must be replaced – then the extra Zoom participation, as below, was definitely needed.)

On the other hand, I have frequently joined a Zoom session with the iPad as co-Host, giving a way to
both see what students are seeing, and have the ability to share the iPad’s screen directly as a
separate Zoom participant.

This is what I did in the spring after we went online. It also *seemed* to work well. See below.

(There is an issue, however, with Cloud recordings when there are 2 instances of the same login address.
 Recording onto the local computer seems to be fine, though.)

What issue are you seeing with cloud recordings in this mode?

I have used an iPad as a document viewer, to share hand-writing on an otherwise blank sheet of paper.
It was logged-in to Zoom using the same account as the MacBook as Host.
Then I could share the iPad screen so that students could see it, but this was *not* captured
in Cloud recordings. Instead one gets the Host’s camera view – totally useless, as you are trying to write
on an iPad screen, which is not within the camera’s view.

I ascribe this to the fact that both participant’s video feeds are using the *same* login name/password.
The recording could not tell which of the two video feeds was really required.

However, it *was* captured in recordings made to the host MacBook.
This may be a local issue, with my institution’s Zoom configuration. Who knows?

You don’t find out about this for several hours, after the session has finished.
Thus it is indeed something worth knowing – or at least checking for.

I did notice that my cloud recordings were very low resolution when done this way and were much higher resolution when I shared my iPad screen when it's connected to my Mac.

OK. That’s a useful piece of information.

Classes start Monday and I am still working out all the technology details.

Glad I can be of some assistance.

Stay safe.



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