[OS X TeX] include graphics not working

Joe Goddard jgoddard at eng.ucsd.edu
Sat Dec 12 20:11:55 EST 2020

TexShop (4.55 and previous versions)  is giving an error including 
graphics with message:

*Runaway argument?**
**"xxx.pdf"  \edef \Gin at ext {\Gin at temp }\fi \def \Gin at temp {.png}**
**\ifx \ETC •**
**./TexFile.tex :105: Paragraph ended before \@tempa was complete.**
**<to be read again>**
where line 105 of the input .tex file  "TexFile" reads:

* \includegraphics[width=.2\textwidth]{xxx}*

and xxx is a .pdf file.

This problem occurs on three different macs,  macbookpro, macbook air, 
and iMac.

I do not have this problem with Overleaf and cannot seem to find a 
solution online.

Help would be greatly appreciated. JG

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