[OS X TeX] \nopagebreak between verses.

juan tolosa juantolo at me.com
Tue Jan 14 11:16:33 EST 2020

Looks like a nice book of poems in “lunfardo.”
Please let me know where one can get the final product, when you have one.
Thank you,

> On Dec 26, 2019, at 6:16 PM, Manuel <libros2 at limay.de> wrote:
> El 26/12/19 a las 19:07, Pieter van Oostrum escribió:
>> Manuel <libros2 at limay.de <mailto:libros2 at limay.de>> writes:
>>> Good morning, everybody.
>>> I am typing a book of poems. In one instance:
>>>   \section[El golpe de furca]{\large{El golpe de furca}}
>>> \begin{verse}
>>> Es el abrazo reo de una amistad más rea  \\
>>> que marroca el gañote del grilo al antebrazo. \\
>>> Amuro que hace manso al gil que más cocea  \\
>>> y convierte en badana al púa y al machazo.  \\!
>>> Es el golpe infalible que protege el coraje  \\
>>> y que entrega servido al otario más fuerte,  \\
>>> golpe cuyo secreto lo conserva el reaje  \\ \nopagebreak
>>> con una ya probada fidelidad de muerte.  \\!
>>> the last verse appears alone in the next page (how horrible!). I used
>>> the command \nopagebreak, but it is ignored. I wonder wether this
>>> doesn‘t work in the \verse environment or maybe I made some other
>>> mistake. How can I avoid this?
>> The \nopagebreak, when used inside a paragraph, applies at the end of the current line. But as you put it after the \\, the current line is then the last line of the verse. So you probably should put the \nopagebreak before the \\.
> Excellent! That worked fine, problem solved. Thank you kindly, Pieter.
> Manuel
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