[OS X TeX] Problem after TeXLive-2020 upgrade

Vinay K. Ingle vingle at ece.neu.edu
Thu Jul 9 12:28:09 EDT 2020

Thanks Richard. I reinstalled MacTex-2020 and then started the TLU. It then
updated 400+ packages, which completed successfully.
Now when I compile the old file, I do not get the previous error but it
reports errors in .png files, something like

Runaway argument?
"Fnl_s1a.png" \edef \Gin at ext {\Gin at sepdefault \filename at ext }\ifx \Gin at ext
./2020SM1_EECE3468_Final_Exam_solutions.ltx:74: Paragraph ended before
was complete.
<to be read again>

Again, this file used to compile correctly before.

Also, now the LaTeXit app does not work properly (no output but no errors


Vinay K. Ingle

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On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 10:50 AM Richard Koch <koch at math.uoregon.edu> wrote:

> Vinay,
> You say that you installed MacTeX-2020 just recently, and then you say
> that TeX Live Utility reported "no updates available". Actually, there
> would be LOTS AND LOTS of updates of a recent MacTeX-2020, namely all
> released between last April and today. In fact, just this morning there
> were many new updates.
> I suspect you did "check for updates" in TeX Live Utility, which is only a
> check if there is a new version of TeX Live Utility. Please read the
> instructions in the TeX Live Utility Help menu and do a real update of your
> TeX system.
> Richard Koch
> Hi Richard,
> Thanks for a quick reply. When I started TeX Live utility (version 1.36),
> it reported "No Updates Available". Also,
> kpsewhich pdftexcmds.sty
> returned nothing. However, when I looked into the
> /usr/local/texlive/2020/texmf-dist/tex/generic/pdftexcmds/
> directory, I noted two files: pdftexcmds.lua and pdftexcmds.sty. So the
> necessary file is in the distribution.
> Is there a problem with proper alias?
> Thanks again.
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