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Nitecki, Zbigniew H. Zbigniew.Nitecki at tufts.edu
Thu Jul 16 16:29:10 EDT 2020

I am generating a two-column document, and want to box in the statement of a theorem.
If in one line, it runs across the two columns.  So I put it in a \parbox, and broke it into two lines.

My question is this:
(see attached example) if I set the width as either \linewidth or \columnwidth, the box
(and hence the frame) runs to the end of the column line.  This makes sense, but it leaves
a lot of space to the right of the text in the box.
Is there a way to make the box fit the width of the text, rather than the predefined line or column width?
I don’t want to use rigid lengths (eg 4in) because the pdf that I generate will go through an ExplainEverything
recording, and I am not sure what the final dimensions of anything will be—I prefer to have that controlled

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