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Nitecki, Zbigniew H. Zbigniew.Nitecki at tufts.edu
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OK, I’m trying to have my personal macros in ~Library/texmf/tex/latex/
in two folders: MyMacros and MyOtherMacros (more often used and less used—the more often ones often need to be zipped to accompany manuscripts).
I created aliases for both and put them where the originals used to be on Dropbox (so I don’t have to remember where they are if I want to add to them).
Let’s see if that works.

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On Jul 13, 2020, at 12:29, Murray Eisenberg <murrayeisenberg at gmail.com<mailto:murrayeisenberg at gmail.com>> wrote:

Usually, I put  personal .sty files on my Mac in:


And then I keep cloud backups in Dropbox as well as elsewhere (e.g., I zip up that whole directory and upload it to Amazon’s AWS S3/Glacier storage).

For a large project where I may want others to be able to access all the files readily, I put everything within the main source document’s folder or else in a preamble subfolder of that folder.

(The TDS-compliant ~/Library/texmf is where I also put personal font files, e.g., purchased MathTime Pro II and Lucida Bright, that don’t come with MacTeX-TeXLive.)

I should say that I’m still suspicious and uncomfortable with the idea of making any cloud location my primary access location. (Although I’m rather forced to do this for things like my contacts list, calendar, etc. that I access across various Apple devices.)

On 13 Jul2020, at 12:12 PM, Nitecki, Zbigniew H. <Zbigniew.Nitecki at tufts.edu<mailto:Zbigniew.Nitecki at tufts.edu>> wrote

This is more of a Mac question than a TeX question, I think.

I have in the past made use of many templates which I have created as .sty files.
I store them in a file called “My Templates” on Dropbox.
Recently, I wrote a new one (for a new purpose) and put it there.
But when I open a new document in TeX and click on the “Templates” button,
in contrast to past behavior, that new file is not listed (all the old ones are).

I tried quitting TeXShop and also restarting the computer, and neither seems to make a difference.

Any suggestions where to look for the problem?

Also, I am quite naive about the optimal way to store files being used by TeXShop; for example
my own macros are in another folder in Dropbox called “Macros”, and inside that, “MyMacros”>
This is because I know how to find these files when I need to consult or modify them.
I would welcome suggestions about a more efficient way to store these.

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