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Robert Bruner robert.bruner at wayne.edu
Sun Jun 21 16:24:00 EDT 2020


Thanks for the thoughtful, kind and informative reply to my (possibly pointless) venting.    I have read this list long enough to know that much of what you and others have done is necessitated by the ground shifting out from under you (Apple ground here),  and am grateful, as I am sure the rest of the list readers are, that you keep us up and running and able to do our work with a minimum of 'extraneous' effort.    

Your point, in your preceding post,

"It is important to update programs each year, because otherwise they become more and more out of date, and then suddenly they stop working and it is a massive job to update at that point."

is well taken and your examples exemplary.

I am downloading the latest MacTeX at this very moment.   Until now, I have been running the version I installed in 2016.

Thanks and regards,
Bob Bruner

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> On Jun 21, 2020, at 12:45 PM, Robert Bruner <robert.bruner at wayne.edu> wrote:
> \begin{rant}
> This is an interesting philosophical issue on which I am completely at odds with the software culture.    The version of TeXShop that I have does everything I need.    I am not interested in spending time reconfiguring things and learning new ways to do the same things I already know how to do.    I would rather do mathematics than fine tune my computer's software.
> But, I have no choice:  if I don't constantly update things I get hit by issues like this.
> In mathematics, once something is proved, it is proved and we can move on to new issues.    Of course, we return to issues and refine our understanding, clean up proofs, find new and better axioms, etc., but the pace is slower, and the old proofs are still valid if they ever were.
> Would it be possible to design software for similar backward compatibility.    Experience suggests not, but 'provably correct' software might enable this.
> \end{rant}
> \begin{counter-rant}
> TeXShop is great and I am earnestly grateful for the effort that has gone into making it such an excellent tool.
> \end{counter-rant}
> Regards,
> Bob Bruner
> PS:   2016 was only 4 years ago.


But macOS has changed considerably in that time and so do the software requirements. TeXShop still does all you need and you won't have to change the way you do things---but you may find better ways of doing things by using features that have been added to TeXShop in that time period.

PS: Dare I ask what TeX distribution you are using?

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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