[OS X TeX] iPad + Raspberry pi 4 + (La)TeX

Franconi Enrico franconi at inf.unibz.it
Sat Jan 9 03:35:17 EST 2021

I guess that it is possible (e.g., with latexmk).
However I warmly suggest you to invest 20 bucks and buy https://www.texpad.com/ios. Look at the website, and see all the huge advantages you have - mainly due to the tight integration of the smart editor, the pdf preview, and error management.

Il 9 gen 2021, 06:37 +0100, Jung-Tsung Shen <jushen+OSX at gmail.com>, ha scritto:

Sorry if this is not the best forum for the following question. I got myself an iPad Air last week and was wondering if the following configuration makes it possible to use LaTeX on the go:

1. An iPad Pro or iPad Air with USB C connection;
2. Raspberry pi 4 with USB C connection and with TeX system installed.

As the Raspberry pi 4 can be powered by the iPad or an external power bank, and can communicate with the iPad via USB C (and even use iPad as its monitor), is it possible to have the pi compile .tex files prepared on the iPad over USB C connection? If this can be achieved, then they constitute a complete TeX system and it is not necessary to invest in the iPad LaTeX apps.

Best regards,
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