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Tue Feb 1 13:54:31 EST 2022


I’m experiencing what appears to be very strange TeXShop behavior. I attribute it to TS with much trepidation, but here it goes. I’m using TS 4.68 on an M1 MacBook Pro running MacOS 12.1. I’m using MacTex 2021 and pdfTeX.

I’m working on a document that includes about 20 figures, all of which are PDF documents. All the figures and all LaTeX documents are in one directory so there are no path-definition issues.

 All but one of the figures—call it fig47---are handled correctly. fig47 is typeset and labeled correctly as Figure 3.3 in the typeset pdf document but the reference is not. When I invoke \ref{figure:fig47} in the text to refer to fig47, I get Figure 3.2 instead of Figure 3.3. Here’s the sample text:

    \centering\includegraphics[scale=0.9]{fig47.pdf} \label{figure:fig47} 

The typeset output is 


not 3.3

I’ve tried lots of things to see if I can get the right reference to no avail. Here is a list: (1) changing the figure label, (2) remaking the figure with a different file name, (I’ve done this several times); (3) quitting and restarting TS, (4) moving the figure environment  to other places in the source document.

All the other 19 figures use similar code and get the correct reference when invoked.

As always, I appreciate your advice.

Thanks in advance,

Raul Martinez 
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