[OS X TeX] Core utilization on M1 Mac in TeXshop

Warren Nagourney w.nagourney at icloud.com
Sat Feb 26 14:21:08 EST 2022

I have noticed that most of the computation that is done using TeXLive (TeXshop) occurs on the efficiency cores (from the CPU History in Activity Monitor). I mentioned this to a developer who makes a utility which allows one to force programs to use the efficiency cores instead of the more power-hungry performance cores. He told me that, unfortunately, one cannot at present do the reverse.- there is no way to force a program to use the performance cores.

There is a parameter called QoS (quality of service) which can set the core utilization but apparently needs to be included at compile time, when the program is built. Has anyone tried to get TeXshop to use the performance cores by setting a high QoS? My understanding is that QoS is not set in TeXshop.

I suspect that most of the time it takes to typeset my 180 page book is in the step which converts the DVI file to a pdf. I assume this is done in ghostview. It might be nice to set a high QoS in TeXshop so that the 2 seconds it takes to typeset is reduced; this might make the workflow more smooth without needing to resort to Flash Mode.


Warren Nagourney

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