[OS X TeX] how insert copyright symbol into source file in TeXShop?

Luis Fernando Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Wed May 4 04:40:17 EDT 2022

In addition to David's suggestion:

this happens because of "Key Bindings", which is a useful way to automatically get the right LaTeX code for something. 

One way is around this is to temporarily disable Key Bindings in the Source menu:

Source->Key Bindings->Toggle On/Off

Another way is to type this character in another application (like Mail or Notes, for example), and copy and paste it. 

Yet another way is to create a text expansion in System Preferences->Keyboard->Text

And, of course, one can edit the Key Bindings themselves - either to remove that or to add an alternative key binding that produces this character.

For example, in my TeXShop typing a double quote produces ``'' with the cursor already inside the proper LaTeX quotes - extremely useful and convenient!
But what about when I actually want a double quote in the source (which, for me, is rather often as I work with Python code inside my document)?
My solution was to add a key binding to Option-" to produce an actual double quote character in the source.


Luís Sequeira

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