[OS X TeX] Announce: MacTeX-2022/TeX Live 2022 Released

Juergen Fenn jfenn at gmx.net
Fri May 6 17:46:20 EDT 2022

Hello Herbert,
dear list,

Am 06.04.22 um 14:24 Uhr schrieb Herbert Schulz:
>> On Apr 6, 2022, at 1:09 AM, Juergen Fenn <jfenn at gmx.net> wrote:

>>> Yes, there is darwinlegacy version that can be installed but not by
>>> the MacTeX installer directly. Please look under the `Unix Download'
>>> link at <https://www.tug.org/mactex/> for full instructions.
>> Will there be an integration into TeX Live Utility and for the systems
>> preference pane for legacy systems again, as we had last year?

> I'm not involved with the darwinlegacy system but I would assume things should work as before if you follow the directions on that web page.

First, I would like to apologise for my late reply. I am sorry to say
that I did not have the time to turn to the 2022 update earlier, but now
it's done:

> Time used for installing the packages: 3:57:26

That's over a WiFi connection over DSL16000. Three packages failed to
download --- they were retrieved and installed at the end of the script.

I am happy to say that I cannot confirm the issue you mentioned in
<https://tug.org/mactex/mactex-unix-download.html> with
<https://tug.org/mactex/TeXDist-2022.pkg> with High Sierra. The package
downloaded, opened and ran alright on macOS 10.13.6. I did not need to
run <https://tug.org/mactex/postinstall2022.sh>.

Everything seems to work alright. I can compile my latest LaTeX
documents from Aquamacs. TeX Live Utility also works fine.

Again, thanks for everyone involved in TL2022 and its darwinlegacy part!

Best regards,

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