[OS X TeX] wordcount

Doris Behrendt doris.behrendt at me.com
Mon Nov 28 01:23:18 EST 2022

Hi list,

how can I count the words of a pdf-Document that I generated with LaTeX?

I tried opening it in MSWord, which showed a always changing number of words, depending on the status of the scrollbar, at the end it gave up scrolling totally;

I also tried this:

ps2ascii file.pdf | wc -w

which worked ok; but I am not sure how pictures and maths etc. are handled when counting like this ...

I also tried some apps, but was not happy, because my file has over 700 pages and most of the apps needed to copy and paste text ...

since my file contains lots of math and lots of code and lots of pictures, I just wanted to ask if anyone of you had to count words of such a document before and how you did it?


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