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Nitecki, Zbigniew H. Zbigniew.Nitecki at tufts.edu
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I have a long (500+ pp) book project that I want to watermark before distributing it locally. None of my standard references (Latex Companion, Latex Grphics Companion, Herbert Voss’s PSTricks) seem to have any information about watermarks.
Can anyone suggest an effective quick-and-dirty way to accomplish this?  My document style is memoire and I use xcolor for colors.

I came across the draftwatermark package and thought it would be the solution to my problem.
The simple command
does result in the default: the word “DRAFT” in fairly faint gray tilted 45 degrees in the middle of each page.  But it’s a bit too faint and small for me.

I tried this package with options on a small test file (using the documentclass article) involving one page consisting of a paragraph with a labelled quote inside.  Of course the bare-bones version works equally well on this test file.

However, if I try to modify it, specifically
if I write the command as
  \usepackage[color={[gray](0.5)}, text=PRELIMINARY]{draftwatermark}
in the same position (as the last of the \usepackage commands) in the small test file,
instead of printing “PRELIMINARY” as desired, the error  message
“missing \begin{document}” is generated in the console, the labelled quote inside the paragraph gets messed up, and the text is preceded by “,2”.
If I restrict myself to
it doesn’t recognize the option: I get the default behavior but the paragraph is preceded with “text=PRELIMINARY”.
If I augment the simple \usepackage{draftwatermark} command supplemented with
either before or after \begin{document} the output is the same, because the command  \DraftwatermarkOptions  is an undefined command.

Any ideas how to proceed?

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