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OK, I see that some of my problems with draftwatermark may be the result of using twentieth-century technology.  This particular problem at the moment has been rendered moot.
But what are the compelling reasons for me to overhaul my basic infrastructure, and in light of those, which of the cool new typesetting systems should I commit to?  I did get away from Ghostscript, etc. years ago.
(This is both a response to Luis and a question to Herb, and maybe Richard Koch.) 🥸->😎

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Are you compiling this from TeXShop? From Terminal? Which command/engine are you using?

You seem to be compiling with pdflatex.
You are using pstricks, but I see no mention of either running simpdftex, or of invoking something to deal with pstricks inside pdflatex (like pdftricks, or auto-pst-pdf).

Could that be the issue?

FWIW, now that you updated your TeXLive, it may be time to start using a 21st century TeX engine and compile your document with xelatex or lualatex. Just sayin'...


Luís Sequeira

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He is compiling in TeXShop with latex. That means that TeXShop is using the internal call to simpdftex.

By the way, in recent (back for some years) TeX Live distributions latex is really pdftex in -dvi mode using a latex.fmt so the compile line is a bit misleading.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
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