[Textures] TeXtures 2.2.0b4 is here

Michel Melin mmelin at orange.fr
Tue Dec 4 09:37:35 EST 2007


Ici : http://www.bluesky.com/news/220b.html

« What's new in Textures 2.2.0b4?
Reliability improvements, to correct a handful of cases in which  
Textures could crash. (Although we are not yet ready to reinstate our  
offer of cash prizes for reproducible crashes, Textures has proven to  
be generally reliable in regular use.)

Classic Textures typeset material is by default no longer opened if it  
exists, as this proved to be confusing. If desired, this can be  
reenabled by adefaults command, see Preferences in Old News, below.

Classic Textures 2.1 upgrades to Textures 2.2: We have reached the  
point in the development of native Textures where we believe that the  
large majority of current Classic Textures documents are reliably  
supported by native Textures, so that all Classic Textures users can  
switch to the current beta version with full document functionality1.

Therefore, although this 2.2.0b4 beta version will continue to be  
freely available to Classic Textures 2.1 owners, to activate future  
development releases of Textures 2.2 it will be necessary to purchase  
a new activation key at an upgrade price. The upgrade price is  
initially set at $99 (US); it is likely to increase in the future as  
development progresses. Upgrade keys can be purchased directly from  
within Textures, with payment via Google Checkout.

We remember, with gratitude, that many of our customers have purchased  
upgrades and new copies of Textures during the development period of  
the last five years, and that we promised to credit those purchasers  
toward the cost of the upgrade to Textures 2.2 when it became  
available. We believe that our automatic upgrade process will  
correctly reflect this credit and offer a free or reduced price  
activation key where appropriate; should this not appear to be the  
case, we will be happy to review individual cases and make corrections  
if necessary.

1[There are two cases, HTML links and PostScript primitive inclusions,  
which are not supported in the current beta; some HTML facilities will  
be available soon, but general PostScript inclusions are not likely to  
ever be supported because the printing model is no longer PostScript.]»


Michel Mélin.

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