[Textures] the list is back

Gianni maschio at dmmm.uniroma1.it
Sat Nov 10 11:50:58 EST 2007

OK thanks.


>Hi All.
>The list is back online on the new server running Mailman. We made 
>every effort to subscribe digest subscribers to the digest version 
>of  the list, but it is possible that we missed something. If your 
>subscription is digest and you want it to be regular (or vice 
>versa),  then you can easily fix it via the list home page (which 
>should appear  at the end of this message).
>In addition, if there are some list settings that got messed up, let 
>me know and I will fix them as quickly as possible.
>Here's to hoping that it all went smoothly. :-)
>  Gary
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