[Textures] Textures 2.2.0b9

Paolo Matteucci p.n.matteucci at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 03:46:25 EDT 2008

Just to let everyone know that, in case you haven’t noticed, Textures  
2.2.0b9 is now out.

“What's new in Textures 2.2.0b9?

Up-to-date LaTeX format, including hyphenation patterns for many  

TeX Log can be searched and saved; the window name indicates the most  
recent contents.

TFM binary metrics are supported; this allows Textures to share TeX  
Font Metric files with other TeX installations. (Just put an alias  
into Textures' Metrics folder.) [NB: this facility should be regarded  
as experimental, as other font metadata necessary to support correct  
display and printing are not translated. Yet.]” (source: http:// 

The last point looks promising: now the TeX engine can see standard  
TFMs, leaving the “right spaces” in the DVIs. Of course, since,  
unlike the metrics suitcases (or the mapping files of standard TeX  
installations), they do not contain information about the  
corresponding outline fonts, they won’t render.

	Best wishes,


Dr Paolo N.I.D. Matteucci, MSc, PhD

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