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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Thu Sep 24 06:28:27 EDT 2009

Le 23 sept. 2009 à 18:46, Frank STENGEL a écrit :

> I don't know when this appeared in 2.2.0, but Textures 2.2 has  
> proper scaling and rotating support. What I mean is that things like  
> \scalebox{2}{AAA} and \rotatebox{45}{ABC} work as expected (as far  
> as I remember, one had to look at the print version in Classic  
> Textures to see the result of such commands)

As far as I remember, that used to work at some point in Classic  
Textures for included files when the graphicx package and syntax were  
used, not graphics. By this I mean \includegraphics[scale=2] 
{myfile.eps} worked but not \scalebox{2}{\includegraphics{myfile.eps}}.

This is largely defined by textures.def, the Textures driver file for  
the graphics/x and color packages. It's not been updated for ages.

As for OS X Textures, I imagine this may be related to the addition in  
b10 of scaling support for PDF illustrations.

> Now, I wonder how this happens: is there a way to inject raw  
> postscript or pdf in a page?

In Classic Textures, there used to be two specific kinds of  
\special's, postscript and rawpostscript, for including literal PS  
code, bracketed or not within save and restore instructions,  
respectively. I can't tell more as I've never used this myself. And  
yes, it was only visible in printed output, of course.

Attached is an extract of the Textures 2.0 manual (obtained, with  
significant loss of quality (fonts, pictures, etc.), by converting the  
DVI guide on the Classic Textures CD to PDF).

Bruno Voisin

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