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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Tue Jan 4 07:55:46 EST 2011

Le 4 janv. 2011 à 10:22, Gianni a écrit :

> There is a new? release of Textures 2.2b16  but it seems to be the same only a little faster.

AFAIK one added functionality lies in the TeX metrics window, which now incorporates part of the functionality of EdMetrics: the coding and encoding fields have been made editable, and correspond to the PostScript name and PostScript encoding fields, respectively, of the EdMetrics window.


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It works like this: place a TFM file (taken for example from TeX Live or CTAN) in a location known to Textures, such as

/Library/Application Support/Textures/Metrics
~/Library/Application Support/Textures/Metrics

then open the TeX Metrics window in Textures, sort the window by path say so as to locate the added TFM file, and edit the coding field (corresponding to the PostScript name) and the encoding field (corresponding to the PostScript encoding).

Custom encodings can been used, which can include commented lines (with EdMetrics comments weren't allowed). This means you can use directly .enc files from TeX Live or CTAN (I haven't tested this). This means also, for example, that you can use the CM-Super fonts with Textures, should you need to typeset files calling the EC fonts (as can happen when \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} is used, unfortunately):

- Get the TFM files from within <http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/ec/> (565 of them!).

- Place them in Textures' Metrics folder as above.

- Get the CM-Super fonts from <http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/ps-type1/cm-super/>.

- Convert the PFB files (from the pfb folder) to TTF format with FontForge, selecting probably the "TrueType (Symbol)" outline format of the Generate command.

- Place them in Textures' Fonts folder.

- Place the .enc files (from the dvips folder) in Textures' Metrics folder.

- Edit one by one the metrics in the TeX Metrics window according to the content of the .map files. For example the line, from cm-super-t1.map,

ecrm1000 SFRM1000 "T1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <cm-super-t1.enc <sfrm1000.pfb

would yield, for the metrics of name ecrm1000,

coding = SFRM1000
encoding = cm-super-t1

All this (regarding the CM-Super fonts) is untested.

One thing that isn't supported yet: PostScript modifiers (for condensing, slanting or tracking the fonts). This means for example that the following metrics from the current TeX Live PSNFSS setup can't be ported yet to Textures:

pplr8rn Palatino-Roman ".82 ExtendFont TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc
pplro8r Palatino-Roman ".167 SlantFont TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc
pplrr8re Palatino-Roman "1.2 ExtendFont TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc
pplru8r Palatino-Italic "-.1763 SlantFont TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc

This is also the case with modifiers present in metrics suitcases prepared with EdMetrics: they are ignored by Textures 2.2.

One message I have been preparing for a long time should deal with related issues (installation of various packages, mostly font-based). It's not ready yet, hopefully by the end of this week. All has been done with the previous version 2.2.0b15 of Textures though, hence not using the TeX metrics window and using instead EdMetrics 1.7.1 in SheepShaver.

Bruno Voisin

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