[Textures] Textures 2.2.0b18

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Mon Feb 6 17:52:10 EST 2012

>From <http://www.bluesky.com/news/220b.html>

> What's new in Textures 2.2.0b18?
> Some significant bug fixes: A problem with MS-DOS EPSF illustrations was fixed, and the permissible depth of nested folders in the Inputs tree was increased to 99 levels, effectively removing the limit. Also, we fixed a bug that caused a (rare) crash when using Synchronicity on a new Typeset window. (Although very rare, this has by far been the most frequently reported crash in native Textures, i.e., we have had seven reports total. If you have a Textures crash, please report it to us, including the crash log; we used to offer a significant cash reward for reproducible crashes, and we hope to do so again!)

No visible change, so this really seems bug-fix only. Still Carbon, apparently, All very much in line with the announcement on the above page:

> we will be making extensive behind-the-scenes changes as we move Textures to the Cocoa framework. During this time we will make only bug fix revisions to the Carbon version of Textures.

Bruno Voisin

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