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> I too am doing the bibliography by hand. How much, if any, of what you wrote still applies?

I'm not quite sure what you mean, because if you do the bibliography by hand, then it's only you who defines the order in which the references appear in the list, not any other mechanism.

For example, in my case the reference list will go like this:


\bibitem[Appleby \& Crighton (1986)]{AppCri86}
Appleby, J.~C. \& Crighton, D.~G. (1986)
Non-Boussinesq effects in the diffraction of internal waves from an oscillating cylinder.
\textit{Q. J. Mech. Appl. Maths} \textbf{39}, 209--231.

\bibitem[Appleby \& Crighton (1987)]{AppCri87}
Appleby, J.~C. \& Crighton, D.~G. (1987)
Internal gravity waves generated by oscillations of a sphere.
\textit{J. Fluid Mech.} \textbf{183}, 439--450.



and in the preamble there's a redefinition of the thebibliography environment appropriate for author-date style, something like:


Maybe you're referring to a redefinition of the \cite command, such that references in the text are formatted like, say, Appleby & Crighton (1986) not [1]. If so, then yes the natbib package is probably what you're looking for, which defines a number of variants of \cite depending on whether the citation is within parentheses or not, etc.

If you're going that route, at one point you'll want to use the companion custom-bib package to define a custom bibliographic style, so that you can specify whether there are commas between author names or not, whether "et al." is italicized or not, whether you're using "and" or "&", whether there's a comma before the year, whether successive references in a collapsed list are separated by ";" or ",", whether chapter or section numbers are separated or not by commas from the year, as in say Abramowitz \& Stegun (1972, ch.~9), and so forth.

In this respect, I must admit I'm pretty low-tech in that I've never taken the time to prepare such a style, given the large number of possibilities to take care of. Instead, I'm writing all the citations by hand rather than using the \cite command; namely, writing Appleby \& Crighton (1986) in full rather than \cite{AppCri86}, and in this way never actually using the citation keys such as "AppCri86" from the reference list.

Hopes this answers your question,

Bruno Voisin

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