[Textures] demise of Textures

Paul J. Campbell campbell at beloit.edu
Wed Apr 17 16:57:16 EDT 2013

I have sent the msg below to the TUG Webmaster for hoped-for 
publication as an item for the News at TUG's Website.

I send it to you and other interested parties as well, since the 
Textures mailing list does not seem to be working right (e.g., server 
is unavailable).

I would appreciate suggestions about how else to publicize this news 
and appeal.


Paul C


Headline: Blue Sky Textures, TeX implementation for Mac, apparently 
dead at age 23

With the death of creator Barry Smith in October 2012 and subsequent 
crash of its Website, Blue Sky Textures  (1989(?)-2013) has 
apparently gone out of business.

Current users of Textures will need a special renewed installation 
and activation keys for any move of Textures to a new volume. Links 
to the automatic service that would have renewed the keys were 
available at the Blue Sky Website, but those links are no longer 
available since the crash (and the Wayback Machine does not have that 

Any TUG members who downloaded the information about the links---or 
know contact info for Gordon Lee, former main help person at Blue 
Sky---are requested to contact TUG member Paul Campbell 
(campbell at beloit.edu). The aim is to provide for continuing Barry 
Smith's legacy and rescuing the good things about Textures (e.g., 
making available to users the unreleased version that 
includes changes for the Retina Display).

Paul J. Campbell
Mathematics and Computer Science
Beloit College
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Beloit, WI  53511-5595

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