[Textures] further (bad) news about Textures

Paul J. Campbell campbell at beloit.edu
Mon May 20 20:19:27 EDT 2013

Textures lovers and other users,

I finally was able to get in touch today with a former employee of Blue Sky Tex Systems and learned the following:

>There's not much that I know that can be done.  Barry didn't leave any provision for Textures after his death.  His wife has no plans to do anything with it.  Those of us who worked at Blue Sky are sad for both the loss of our dear friend but also the end of an excellent product we all worked on.
>Since his death we have tried for months to find a way to continue Textures but his wife has not agreed to any of our suggestions.   I fear that there is little hope to remedy the situation.  I do not suggest attempting to reach her.  A few people have called and emailed her but she is not interested in hearing from anyone about this.
>In recent months Barry was experimenting with Textures for the iPad, complete with Flash mode.  Wouldn't that have been a cool product!

>Yes, Gordon Lee was Barry Smith.  Blue Sky has been a one person company operating from his home for the past 10 years after the downtown office closed and the company downsized.  Barry and I were friends since he was in high school.
>His death wasn't unexpected, he was fighting cancer for many years.  Just before he died he talked as if he would get well again but I didn't argue.  As such he left no passwords to the servers or his development machine.  Allegra (his wife) has been able to guess some of them.
>I'm waiting for a dry day to take his ashes to his favorite spot in the Cascades.  I do talk with Allegra but don't mention Textures since it's not a happy subject. If you have a group that wants to make an offer for the source, send me details and I'll see what I can do.
>Sad state of affairs.


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