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Two unimportant remarks, in case this might help some people here:

- In the most recent versions of babel, the French language support seems to rely increasingly on pdfTeX-, LuaTeX- or XeLaTeX-specific features. Hence it's becoming problematic for Textures. One such issue is the use of \ifdefined, which is a new primitive of eTeX (on which all of pdfTeX/LuaTeX/XeTeX are now based), not standard TeX. After some googling, it appears a kind soul has implemented this in standard TeX:


Attached is file ifdefined.tex, to be called as


in case you get a warning about undefined \ifdefined.

Another example is

Package frenchb.ldf Warning: Add \usepackage{fontspec} to the
(frenchb.ldf)                preamble of your document, on input line 372.

which I'm getting at \begin{document}, followed by complains about extra \else and \fi, even though there's absolutely no call of fontspec in my document.

A solution, of course, is to stay away from recent versions of babel.

- The archived Textures 2.2 beta page


mentions support of PNG, JPEG and TIFF image formats. The syntax isn't mentioned, but it's safe to assume this is the same as for EPS, PICT and PDF files on the Textures 2.2 alpha page



\special{illustration <filename> [scaled <xscale> [<yscale>]]}

Indeed, using \includegraphics with Textures' textures.def has no problem including PNG images (I didn't test for the others). The scale isn't right though: it appears Textures assumes (at least on my non-Retina display) that the PNG resolution is 72 dpi. Hence to get a properly scaled PNG image you have to scale it by 72/<the-PNG-resolution>.

For example, if your PNG is at 300 dpi, you have to scale it by 72/300 = 0.24, and if say you were willing to use


then this will become


and so forth.

Hope this helps some,

Bruno Voisin

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