[Textures] No Textures Preview with MacOS Sierra

Uwe Schmock schmock at fam.tuwien.ac.at
Tue Feb 14 17:18:52 EST 2017


thanks for your replies! Indeed, it was a font location problem.

Albeit using the Migration Assistant (to copy from my old MacBook Pro 
running Mac OS 10.6.8 and Textures 2.2.0b18) and having a symbolic 
link (alias) to my old TeX Fonts folder in the user folder

    ~/Library/Application Support/Textures/Metrics

it didn't work. After moving the folder containing the Computer 
Modern fonts into ~/Library/Fonts and restarting Textures 2.2.0b19, 
my problem was gone.

This was not necessary for Textures 2.2.0b18 under Mac OS 10.6.8.

With kind regards,


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