[OS X Emacs] Re: Does ede mode work on Aquamacs?

Gary K Olson garykolson at mac.com
Wed Apr 9 17:12:25 EDT 2008

I have been trying to use EDE in Aquamacs 1.3b.  I have semantic setup  
which I was able to do in my .emacs file with:
		(if (featurep 'aquamacs-version)
                    (setq semantic-load-turn-useful-things-on t)
                    (require 'semantic-load)

But when I try to add EDE with the following:

	 	(if (featurep 'aquamacs-version)
		   (require 'ede)
                   (global-ede-mode t))

I get the following error message in my *messages* file:

An error has occurred while loading `/Users/garykolson/.emacs':  
Symbol's function definition is void: global-ede-mode

I have a relatively simple .emacs file, and I noticed that you do not  
have to load the path for cedet, semantics, and ede.  However, global- 
ede-mode is not being recognized.  If I load ede-load.el  explicitly  
rather than require 'ede or 'ede-load, then I get recursive loading of  
ede and the .emacs file bombs.  Does anyone know what I need to do to  
get Aquamacs to use ede?  The above ede works great on Carbon  
Emacs.app, but I would like to get it up and running on Aquamacs.

Gary K Olson

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