[OS X Emacs] Scrolling behaviour of shell output

Stefan Vollmar vollmar at nf.mpg.de
Thu Apr 17 03:27:10 EDT 2008


after building a larger C++ project, we want to run the resulting  
binary from within Aquamacs. We use something like this

(shell-command "/path/to/binary &")

and bind this to a key. It works fine apart from one "cosmetic"  
problem: a buffer "*Async shell command*" contains all output from our  
application as intended, however, it immediately scrolls away all  
interesting information so we only see blank space in the buffer -  
every time we want to look at current output we need to scroll back  
manually. Ideally, I would like Emacs to follow the output (like a  
normal shell) or, if this is not possibly, not scroll at all.

I imagine, a variation of
(setq compilation-scroll-output nil)
might do the trick?

Many thanks in advance,
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