[OS X Emacs] forward-word binding

Tom Van Vleck thvv at multicians.org
Sat Aug 2 10:11:55 EDT 2008

On Aug 1, 2008, at 7:09 PM, Nathaniel Cunningham wrote:
> FYI, the change was made in order to match standard OS X behavior.  
> (Option-left/right was similarly intended to be changed to backward/ 
> forward-word in 1.4, but your email has brought it to my attention  
> that it was missed somehow!)

Many of us use Emacs on multiple different platforms in the same day.
Switching our behavior back and forth depending on the platform is  
error prone.
I think that where behavior is the same on all Emacsen it should be  
left that way in Aquamacs.
The beauty of Aquamacs was that it added behavior for flower-whatever  
to the existing Emacs function, without conflict with what was there.

Operating systems come and go.  My Emacs habits have developed over  
almost 30 years.
I expect that I will be using Emacs on Mac OS XI, XII, etc.
I was happy to see some features flow in the other direction, with OS  
X adopting ctrl-F and so on in Mail.app.

I would prefer that gratuitous changes to existing Emacs behavior in  
should be opt-in rather than opt-out.  Go ahead, experiment, add new  
to the menus.  Some will be wonderful, and each person can each adopt  
them as desired and when convenient.
The ones, like changing ctrl-right, that conflict with usage on other  
systems, I won't adopt.

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