[OS X Emacs] Incremental search in Aquamacs 1.4

Richard Vile hashiru at chartermi.net
Sat Aug 30 09:15:15 EDT 2008

Hi David,
Yes - and note that my complaint included the behavior described by  
Jochen. I may not have made that clear. FWIW, I start aquamacs using a  
bash function as follows:

function aquamacs()
     open -a /Applications/Aquamacs/Aquamacs\ Emacs.app

Note that I store my app in a folder: /Applications/Aquamacs. Being a  
pack rat, I cache the old versions as I go along by renaming them with  
the version number as a suffix.

I doubt that that alone could make the bug not reproduce in your  
sessions. I suspect it's probably more like some obscure interaction  
in your startup files, which in turn I suspect are fairly ornate.

On Aug 30, 2008, at 9:00 AM, David Reitter wrote:

> On 30 Aug 2008, at 04:03, Jochen Küpper wrote:
>> The really annoying thing about the changed iseqrch is tat you  
>> cannot simply start moving the cursor (and, for example start  
>> typing) from the match position, because your whole movement marks  
>> a region.
> That shouldn't be and is certainly a bug.
> However, I can't reproduce it:
> In an Aquamacs -q, loading a file and typing C-s a  will carry out a  
> search for "a".  When you then press any arrow key, the region  
> should go away; the second key press will move the cursor.
> And you can start typing right away: it just replaces the region.
> Would a modification such that C-s behaves exactly as before, and  
> that Command-F/G will behave in the Mac-like way, provide a solution  
> to your complaint?
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