[OS X Emacs] aquamacs-save-buffers-kill-emacs

Jochen Küpper jochen at fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Wed Feb 6 10:24:07 EST 2008

On 06.02.2008, at 13:00, David Reitter wrote:

> as we've got our own (better) `aquamacs-save-buffers-kill-emacs'.

C-h f aquamacs-save-buffers-kill-emacs givs the following documentation:

aquamacs-save-buffers-kill-emacs is an interactive Lisp function in  
It is bound to A-q.
(aquamacs-save-buffers-kill-emacs &optional arg)

Offer to save each buffer, then kill this Emacs process.
With prefix arg, silently save all file-visiting buffers, then kill.
Like `save-buffers-kill-emacs', except that it doesn't ask again
if modified buffers exist.

"site-start.el" links to
   /Applications/Aquamacs Emacs.app/Contents/Resources/site-lisp/site- 
but that file does not contain "aquamacs-save...", because the  
function is actually defined in aquamacs.el.

This should be fixed such that the documentation refers to the correct  
file and the hyperlink directly jumps to the function...

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