[OS X Emacs] pdfsync in 1.3

Jochen Küpper kuepper.jochen at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 27 06:09:07 EST 2008

On 27.02.2008, at 10:25, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> Am 26.02.2008 um 11:22 schrieb Jochen Küpper:
>> In my latex-compilation, from within Aquamacs, it does not find the  
>> master file in a multiple-find document.

My mistake: should read "multi-file" document

>> I am wondering whether it has to do with any of these latex output  
>> messages?
> I don't know what a "multiple-find document" is, according to AUCTeX  
> 11.84 documentation the local variables at files' ends make the  
> connection between the master and its slaves.

Yes, I have these. Compilation from any source-file works fine. But  
Emacs/auctex cannot parse the messages from LaTeX correctly in this  

As suggested by David, I will check with newer auctex and submit a bug  
there if the problem still persists.

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