Re: [OS X Emacs] ``Microsoft to build an ‘Emacs.Net’ text editor''

Daniel Lyons fusion at
Thu Jan 3 01:59:32 EST 2008

>> Let's pretend we live in a universe where 90% of M$ predictions  
>> aren't vaporware... Oh wait, this is the Emacs on *Mac OS X*  
>> mailing list! I always forget!
> I don't, but you can't just ignore the Dark Side. It has very  
> strange ways, like having Leslie Lamport on it's payroll, consulting  
> Donald Knuth about math typography, and, on the other hand, trying  
> to take over specifications they didn't develop and disseminating  
> FUD among Linux users for supposed patent infringements without  
> revealing which ones.

You're right, but I don't have to talk about it on the *Emacs on Mac  
OS X Mailing List.*

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