[OS X Emacs] Switching from Carbon Emacs to Emacs.app

Lindsay Stirton Lindsay.Stirton at manchester.ac.uk
Sat Jan 5 05:21:19 EST 2008

Dear Mac/Emacs users,

I have for more than a year now been using Seiji Zenitani's Carbon Emacs
Package. As a newbie, it was ideal because everything works pretty much right
out of the box. Yesterday, however, I got cocky and decided to install the
Adrian Robert's Emacs.app. I knew this would raise a few issues, and many of
these I managed to sort out. However, a couple leave me stumped:

1. I tried to install Enrico Franconi's Enhanced Carbon Emacs. Mostly, this
works OK but the Preview-LaTeX doesn't work. Here is a typical error message:

Preview-Ghostscript finished at Fri Jan  4 21:26:41
Running `Preview-Ghostscript' with ``gs
-dOutputFile\=\(TMA01.prv/tmp90158CBL/pr195-\%d.png\) -q -dSAFER -dNOPAUSE
-DNOPLATFONTS -dPrinted -dTextAlphaBits\=4 -dGraphicsAlphaBits\=4
-sDEVICE\=png16m -r110.522x110.836''

2. The second issue is much simpler, I assume. I installed imaxima, and it is
working fine. However, output lines (the ones in LaTeX) are really tiny. I am
sure there must be something simple to put in .emacs to sort this out, but a
search of the web did not give me anything that solved this problem.

As usual, any help much appreciated. If none is forthcoming I will happily go
back to Carbon emacs as I was/am extremely happy with this package. Emacs.app
looked nice and shiny, though.

Best wishes,

Lindsay Stirton

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