[OS X Emacs] LaTeX cannot find its class/style files (obvious fixes attended to)

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Jan 6 06:22:45 EST 2008

Am 06.01.2008 um 02:34 schrieb pdfinn:

> I've chosen the latter for the time being, since I have not figured  
> out
> how to get anti-aliased fonts working in Emacs running under X11.

Not yet available throughout. You'll need GTK, and you'll need the  
more experimental Unicode Emacs 23.0.60. It uses libXft to anti-alias  
fonts. With activated font backend in xft mode (X resources set as:

	Xft.hinting:                    1
	!Xft.hinting:                   None
	Xft.dpi:                        100
	Emacs.FontBackend:              x
	!Emacs.FontBackend:             xft

) Unicode Emacs crashes for me. To use the font backend you'll need  
to configure libfontconfig (fc-list, fc-cache, fontconfig(3)), also  
needed for xdvipdfmx of XeTeX. Using, as set above, standard X11 as  
source of fonts I don't see much anti-aliasing. And it has problems  
rendering glyphs my German keyboard can produce. This needs some more  

Here is my application that just runs some shell scripts to set up  
X11 that it knows of PATH and others, that Jason Davies is hosting  
kindly: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/~ucgajpd/Academic/MacResources.html.



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