[OS X Emacs] spell checking - once more

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Jan 14 05:00:21 EST 2008

Am 13.01.2008 um 17:34 schrieb Alex Hamann:

> My problem is that Aquamacs will actually find the FIRST dictionary  
> (in order of installation through the cocoAspell preference pane).  
> It will not find the other dictionaries because it is looking for  
> them in the folder of the first dictionary.

Can you imagine to use an adapted ispell-change-dictionary that also  
alters one of these variables?

	ispell-dictionary		   ispell-dictionary-alist
	ispell-dictionary-alist-1	   ispell-dictionary-alist-2
	ispell-dictionary-alist-3	   ispell-dictionary-alist-4
	ispell-dictionary-alist-5	   ispell-dictionary-alist-6
	ispell-html-skip-alists		   ispell-local-dictionary-alist
	ispell-menu-map			   ispell-menu-map-needed
	ispell-menu-xemacs		   ispell-personal-dictionary
	ispell-program-name		   ispell-skip-region-alist

The way ispell.el works is rules-based, as most software ... which  
should make it easy to adapt it to certain unforeseen circumstances.

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