[OS X Emacs] pdfsync in 1.3

Arthur Ogus ogus at Math.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Jan 24 01:11:40 EST 2008

I'm pretty confused about the status of pdfsync with emacs and latex  
these days.
I had it working pretty well with TeXniscope and Aquaemacs 1.2, using  
various hacks.
However on my Intel machine running Leopard,  TeXniscope messes up  
the font cache (it works okay
so far with my PPC machine, however.)  I've decided to try to switch  
to Skim, (although I like
TeXniscope much more), since this seems to be the way things are  
going, and I was happy
to see that 1.3 is supposed to work with Skim with no configuration.  
Although command-shift
click in Skim finds the right place in the source document in emacs,  
it doesn't work well in the other direction:
command-shift click switched to Skim, but doesn't locate the correct  
place in the document.
I tried also using the suggestion from Wikepedia, which suggests  
something like

(add-hook 'TeX-mode-hook
     (lambda ()
         (add-to-list 'TeX-output-view-style
             '("^pdf$" "."
displayline %n %o %b")))

This does make C-c C-v work well, but not the key binding.

What's going on here?


Arthur Ogus

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