[OS X Emacs] pdfsync in 1.3

Arthur Ogus ogus at Math.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Jan 24 06:33:27 EST 2008

On Jan 24, 2008, at 12:21 AM, David Reitter wrote:

> Arthur,
> On 24 Jan 2008, at 06:11, Arthur Ogus wrote:
>> I was happy
>> to see that 1.3 is supposed to work with Skim with no  
>> configuration. Although command-shift
>> click in Skim finds the right place in the source document in  
>> emacs, it doesn't work well in the other direction:
>> command-shift click switched to Skim, but doesn't locate the  
>> correct place in the document.
> 1.3 is not out yet, as is stated on the Aquamacs website. There is  
> only a release candidate (rc1) which can be used to testing purposes.

Yes, this is the one I meant.
> There was a small problem in 1.3rc1 with Skim which has been fixed.  
> Please download a CVS version (nightly build) for that, and send us  
> a bug report (Help menu) in case you are still experiencing  
> problems (when run with no additional configuration).
>> This does make C-c C-v work well, but not the key binding.

Sorry.  I mean that C-c C-v will open skim to the place corresponding  
to the cursor in the emacs source file., but command shift mouse does  
> I don't understand. Which key binding, C-c C-v is a key binding. Do  
> you mean Apple-Shift-Mouse-1 doesn't work?


Same problem with the new cvs version.

I'll send a bug report as you suggest.
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