[OS X Emacs] Information about tabs in Aquamacs 1.4

Nathaniel Cunningham nathaniel.cunningham at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 00:16:28 EDT 2008

On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 9:23 PM, Robert Morelli <morelli at flux.utah.edu>

> I like the tabs in Aquamacs version 1.4. This is a very welcome new
> feature.
> However, I'd like to know if there is more documentation about it.  Are
> there
> ways to customize how the tabs work?

There isn't any more documentation at this point than that included in the
Aquamacs help.  The tabs are based on (and implement the code from)
tabbar.el (
http://emhacks.cvs.sourceforge.net/emhacks/emhacks/tabbar.el?view=markup ),
so some of the customization that can be applied for tabbar should work for
tabs in Aquamacs.  However, we've modified, improved, and honed the tab
behavior to be more sensible and intuitive, as well as looking better.  Not
all the behaviors and customizations documented in tabbar.el will be useful.

> For instance, is there a way to keep
> buffers like *Messages* from having a tab?

tabbar.el allows one to customize which buffers are inhibited from having
tabs, but we avoided this kind of behavior in Aquamacs, which treats tabs
somewhat differently.  Help me understand what you're after, here.  If
*Messages* doesn't get a tab, what happens to the tab bar when you view
*Messages*?  Does it appear, but with no selected tab?  Does it disappear --
and if so, haven't you lost part of the utility of tabs, namely a simple way
to select a different tab?  If some buffers don't have tabs, there's a break
in the intuitive tab<-->buffer connection we've established.  Do explain
further the scenario you envision.

> Can the buffer order and tab
> order be synced? ...

No, but that's an interesting suggestion.  Do you mean that the current
buffer should always show last in the list, with previous buffers in
chronological order ahead of it?  This doesn't follow the usual Tabs
paradigm.  (No other tabbed apps work this way, do they?)

I would like to include a simple means for reordering tabs, but haven't
worked on it yet.

Feature requests and tab enhancement/improvement suggestions are welcome!


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