[OS X Emacs] Information about tabs in Aquamacs 1.4

Jochen Küpper kuepper.jochen at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 9 02:38:33 EDT 2008

On 09.07.2008, at 06:16, Nathaniel Cunningham wrote:

> tabbar.el allows one to customize which buffers are inhibited from  
> having tabs, but we avoided this kind of behavior in Aquamacs, which  
> treats tabs somewhat differently.

So how did you decide which buffers to show and which not?`

Right now I have the following visible buffers:

.%* *svn-status*           134  svn-status
     Portfile              2813  Fundamental       /Volumes/Users/ 
     *scratch*                0  Text
   * *Messages*              21  Fundamental
     *svn-process*            0  Fundamental

However, only *scratch*, Portfile, and *svn-status* have tabs.  
Moreover, what happens with hidden buffers (i.e., " *RefTeX-scratch*")?
Actually, nothing very sensible. The normal "tabs" seam to disappear,  
some arbitrary ones show up, ...

Disclaimer: I had tried tabs for a evening for one of the later  
1.4rcs, but decided its not working for me. Moreover, I actually don't  
even think it's useful for me: It takes away screen estate and  
switching buffers with the keys is faster anyway. Moreover, C-x C-b  
gives me a buffer list if I really forgot what to look for (it has  
also more functionality such as killing multiple buffers at once).

Nevertheless, its a nice feature. Please go ahead and improve it, but  
more importantly for the people actually using it, not so much for me.

Good Luck!
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