[OS X Emacs] Aquaemacs not playing well with Skim

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 07:19:48 EDT 2008

Hello Tom,

On 24 Jul 2008, at 02:51, Tom McCormick wrote:

> if I just ask Aquaemacs to View the pdf, it asks me to confirm the  
> view command "open <filename.pdf>" and opens the pdf in Preview  
> instead of Skim.

That bit is normal (but not ideal).

> If I try the "jump to PDF" menu command, the first time it works and  
> takes me to the right place in Skim with that line highlighted and  
> everything, but then then next time I get the same bad behavior,  
> names Skim just raises but the view does not change to the current  
> position in the Aquaemacs buffer.

This works for me.  You will need to tell us what versions of Skim and  
Aquamacs you are using.
Please use the bug-reporting function in the Help menu (of Aquamacs).   
Also: chances are that this is actually a problem in Skim rather than  
in Aquamacs.

- David

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