[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs and aspell

Jörg Frauendiener joerg.frauendiener at mac.com
Mon Jul 28 15:33:53 EDT 2008

Hi Thomas,

> I'm running into a problem with running a new install of aspell in  
> Aquamacs.  I installed the macports aspell and the english  
> dictionary, per the instructions in the Aquamacs Wiki.  aspell can  
> be called from the command line and it recognizes that its English  
> dictionary is available.  I restarted Aquamacs, per the instructions  
> in the wiki, opened a LaTeX document and ran Spell from the Command  
> menu.  The mode line says "Continuing spelling check using aspell  
> with default dictionary..." and nothing happens.  top shows Aquamacs  
> Emacs using 99.9% of CPU time. I have to Force Quit because Aquamacs  
> no longer accepts keyboard input.

this seems to be a problem with the macports version of aspell. I had  
the same problem and solved it by replacing the macports aspell with  
cocoaspell. You can check whether it is the aspell process which  
causes the problem by running aspell from the command line. This  
should produce some kind of error.

Cheers, Jorg

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