[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs 1.5 RC1 (preview version)

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 12:55:08 EDT 2008

We have begun testing of Aquamacs version 1.5.
If you'd like to help or if you are experiencing any issues with 1.4,  
please try the new release candidate 1.5 rc1:


A list of improvements can be found below.

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http://aquamacs.org/donate -- Could we help you? Return the favor and  
support the Aquamacs Project!

Changes---1.5 RC1 (Preview Version)

     * Aquamacs now handles paragraphs better that are stored as  
single lines in the buffer: these very long ``lines'' are shown as  
paragraphs, with words wrapped were appropriate. The wrap functions in  
the Options menu will use the new technique. As a result, line numbers  
shown in Aquamacs correspond to line numbers in the file. Also, word  
wrap will work better now with variable-width fonts. Syntax  
highlighting is now correct in all situations, because it is based on  
the line separation in the underlying file and not on what's displayed  
(`longlines-mode' is not used any longer; a new variable `word-wrap'  
controls the display-time word wrapping.) Code by Kim F. Storm, Chong  
Yidong, David Reitter.

     * The end of file lines (newlines) or paragraph endings in soft  
word wrapping can be visualized via Option / Show/Hide / Show Newlines  

     * Symbols in the fringes have been adapted to look less  
conspicuous. (These are the indicators to the left and right of text  
lines.) Code by Kim F. Storm.

     * The ``small left fringe'' setting in the Show/Hide menu works  
again as intended.

     * Automatic wrapping detection (hard word wrap = auto-fill,  
vs.~soft word wrap) improved. A new customization option `auto-word- 
wrap-default-function' may be used to configure the default, which is  
hard word wrapping.

     * Navigation in buffers (up/down) optimized and improved. This is  
also a new buffer-local mode (`visual-line-mode'), which is enabled  
globally (`global-visual-line-mode'). That's also what the ``vl'' mode  
line indicator stands for.

     * Command-Backspace will remove the whole visual line now (`kill- 
whole-visual-line'), while Command-Shift-Backspace will remove the  
entire buffer line (which may be a paragraph, when soft wrap is on).

     * Environment variables are imported again in most situations  
despite bugs in OS X / Emacs. This issue could cause LaTeX calls to  
fail. The *Messages* buffer contains helpful notices. Reported by  
Thomas S. Dye and others.

     * An issue where pressing M-Backspace (especially in the  
minibuffer) could lead to an error message has been resolved.

     * The Help menu (in ``Diagnose and Report Bug'') provides a way  
to start another Aquamacs Emacs instance without any personal  
customizations. This should be used to reproduce any potential bugs  
before reporting them.

     * LaTeX configuration (standard paths) simplified.

     * Auto Frame Styles are turned on automatically when the user  
chooses to retain frame settings (colors, fonts) for a mode or as a  

     * Searching for keywords in the Help menu now includes the Emacs  
Manual and the Emacs Lisp Reference.

     * Structure of Help menu revised.

     * in SLIME (Lisp mode), the Aquamacs tabs work again. (`slime- 
header-line-p' now defaults to nil; customize this variable to revert  
to the old behavior.)

     * Internal change: Full-screen editing is now handled via the  
frame parameter `fullscreen'.

     * Further minor bug fixes.

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